Many of our clients buy UK property as investments.

It is important to always keep in mind that property is just another asset class and investment in property should always be part of an overall investment plan.

We know only too well that, of late, the UK market has gone through some turmoil.  It is essentially important when building a portfolio of UK property investments, that there is a good spread of investment, choosing the right property, in the right area of the country, and setting up ownership in the most tax efficient way possible.

Many people have suffered from negative equity, or perhaps they are unable to complete on an off-plan development as the current values are below what they were when the contracts were first signed. Large cities such as London, Birmingham and Manchester have most likely suffered the most.

This, in itself is evidence enough that specialised and quality advice is needed in order to ensure that a portfolio is well balanced, bought in a tax efficient structure, and is not top heavy with off-plan developments which is where many problems can arise.

We have an array of agents and developers that provide our clients with high quality investment property, some of which may be discounted properties, both existing property and new, that we are in a position to advise on.

With all these providers we have a thorough due diligence process undertaken on them by our legal team who can also act for clients in the purchase along with letting & property management agents to make the process as seamless and risk free as possible.

We are also in a position to offer Landlord’s insurance in order to ensure that you are fully protected as soon as you have tenants renting your property, and the advice on setting up short-hold tenancy agreements to protect you.

Please take some time to review the current properties on offer or if you are in the process of already buying an investment property and would value some advice in relation to the services mentioned above, please contact us.

Our website will also show a selection of current property investments available through our preferred network in our latest updates section.  Click here for further information.