Our tax planning team can offer you innovative ideas to reduce your exposure to tax.  Aside from the areas highlighted below, there are many other opportunities for the majority of taxpayers to lessen their tax burden.

We have saved our clients significant amounts in tax using robust and genuine tax planning solutions, however, we are not in the market to peddle risky unproven tax schemes.

Our ethos is to discuss your requirements along with our clients and our tax partners to together formulate a sound tax planning strategy that meets your needs.

Income Tax Planning
  • Recover income tax you have paid in the previous three tax years
  • Avoid paying higher rate income tax in this tax year
  • Reduce your overall income tax bill
 Capital Gains Tax Planning
  • Save CGT on the sale of a second or investment property
  • Structure your affairs to ensure you only pay 10% CGT on the sale of certain assets
  • Defer CGT bill using the various CGT reliefs and exemptions available
Inheritance Tax & Estate Planning
  • Use lifetime planning to reduce exposure to IHT
  • Use effective wills, trusts and other shelters to maximise your family’s inheritance
Other Savings Opportunities
  • Reduce the stamp duty payable on the purchase of properties over £500,000
  • Save national insurance by restructuring remuneration packages
  • Fund your finance requirements via tax rebates
  • Maximising your cash free element from your pension fund.
Life Events (The following life events should all be accompanied by a review of your tax position)
  • getting married / entering a civil partnership
  • having a baby
  • separation /divorce
  • career progression
  • setting up a business/ selling a business
  • business changes
  • getting older / retirement / succession planning
If you have an enquiry in relation to any of the above please contact us.