The two Directors, Ian Olney & Matt Johnson, have been working in Financial Services for over 15 years each predominately involved in Sport and Media. They decided to form their own Wealth & Tax Management Company in 2009.

Ian is an ex-professional footballer, and Matt’s background is in Banking and working within professional practices, such as Accountancy and the Legal profession.

Both have worked with sports professionals and Business professionals for a number of years.  They understand the needs of the modern-day sports professional extremely well as a result of working with over 300 sports clients, mainly in professional football.

The ethos of the business is to create a “family office” environment for clients.  Most wealthy clients, particularly those involved in Pro Sport need an ever increasing range of services to be provided by people that they trust.

Pro-Synergy have created their own “family office” practice by not only providing a wide range of in-house services, but also an extensive range of further services provided by partners of choice.

In this way, clients get the best of both worlds from a brand that they can fully rely on and trust throughout their entire life, not just the length of their professional career.