When our business was conceived,
the aim was to make a real
difference to our clients' lives

In essence, most Financial Advisers will do the simple things well but we want our clients’ to simply “expect more”
We provide our clients' with a "family office" concept. This essentially means that due to our excellent professional connections we can provide a holistic financial and lifestyle planning service.

As our clients' trusted adviser we fully understand the importance of our role in safeguarding their future. We also understand that there are a host of areas incorporated within a good holistic financial plan and this goes well beyond the simplistic and most basic solutions such as ISA's, Mortgages and Pensions.

Many people engage a Lawyer, Accountant, Tax Adviser and other professional advisers around them, however very few actually work closely together in order to provide thorough and comprehensive solutions.

By using the Family Office concept, this enables us to find the most appropriate solution to some of the most complex financial planning matters by combining with our team of highly qualified professionals.

Our entire planning concept is built purely on the foundation of a consultative approach. It’s simply all about providing solutions to a given need.
Pro-Synergy Wealth and Tax Management Ltd is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.



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